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CENTRO FIATI E PERCUSSIONI (CFP) is a musical instruments shop that has been based in Milan since 1985. Before we were a music instruments repair workshop, specialized in brasses, woodwinds and drum sets with the brands HiPercussion and Wooding. Therefore we are able to provide direct assistance for the instruments we sell: strings, brasses, woodwinds, teaching instruments, drumsets and amplifications. Many online stores simply sell the cheapest products, when there's a return or a broken part they simply send back the item to the producer, they don't take care of it in first person as we do. This means that only we choose our instruments after a careful inspection in our workshop as we do not want to have troubles with what we sell.

The consequence of this meticulous job is our own line of instruments which is branded CFP for brasses, woodwinds and percussions, Avanthage for strings. Furthermore we own the exclusive production and distribution of the brand HiPercussion.

Of course, we specialise in brass, percussion, and drums, but we also offer a wide range of basses, guitars, string instruments, educational instruments, music therapy instruments, and accordions, as well as plenty of instrument accessories. Moreover, we offer a wide choice of ethnic instruments imported from countries all over the world that allow our customers to discover new sounds and fascinating timbres.


Woodwinds and brasses' reparations are on hold until February '23, thank you for your understanding.

In our workshop, we test almost every single instrument that is sold in our store.

Thanks to our wealth of experience and equipment, we do far more than just simple instrument tuning and checking, we specialize in repairing brass instruments. We fix dents, mend keys, replace springs, and do everything else that we can to bring your brass back to life.

String instruments are also welcome for repairs in our workshop, from simple string replacement to restoration of necks, headstocks, bridges, or cracked bodies.



Via Padova, 12 20131 Milano
Phone 02 2610624

Opening hours: monday 3pm - 7,30pm
           tuesday to friday 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 7.30pm
           saturday 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 7pm

Where we are: nearby Loreto Subway station. Not far from Milan Central trainstation.