Centro Fiati e Percussioni has a workshop catered to repair many types of instruments. Apart from the normal assistance we offer for our own instruments, we also offer repair services for instruments coming from other stores.

We have the experience, equipment, patience and knowledge needed to professionally setup and repair your instrument. Our specialty is brass instruments. We offer the appropriate setup, whether it be complete or partial, that can bring your instrument back to life.

For the repairs of saxophones, clarinets, trumpets, trombones or larger brass instruments that were not purchased from our store, we ask you to physically bring in your instrument, as a photo is not sufficient for a quote. Our brass technician is only available to make quotes on Saturdays at our music shop.

The repair and setup of stringed instruments, various forms of percussion and drum kits is always available here for our store clients, and also open to instruments purchased from other stores.

Every reparation, even a simple guitar strings change, requires time and attention. For this reason we don't offer repair service on the spot.