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Centro Fiati e Percussioni is a music shop, not an online store.

We believe that before you purchase a new instrument it's fundamental to physically see, touch and try it out to be sure that it meets your requirements.

However with the intent to satisfy clients who live far away or simply who cannot reach the store, CFP offers the opportunity to purchase online but only by following these steps:

  • After choosing the item you wish to buy from our website, you must contact the store and check if the instrument is available for shipping.
  • When it's certified that the instrument is available for shipping, then you must pay only by bank transfer (bonifico bancario anticipato). When we have received the payment, the last step is to organise shipping. CFP is not registered with one particular courier company. This means that shipping times and costs vary depending on what courier company is being used. CFP can arrange shipping on your behalf or you can arrange it yourself (paying attention to shop hour compatibility), and we will pack the chosen item ready to be shipped.